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Made by Midnight Blue is a story of design and

furnishing that speaks about the environment of home, traditions, values and a local production.
The fundamentals of our design are a curious,

open-minded, problem-solving approach,

traditional craftsmanship and anti-waste mindset. 

 A sense of space, an equilibrium between architecture, design concept and natural materials, nobility without sophistication are the hallmarks of MIDNIGHT BLUE designs.
We believe that beautiful, 
comfortable and functional

home is the cornerstone of the wellbeing and health.
It’s about the balance of the ingredients that, like in a perfect recipe, makes your space a singular experience. 


What makes a space

more than a space? 
An idea.

A story.

A composition.

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We deeply believe in the integration

of old and new and take great pleasure

in exploring the potential for

Repurposing. Reinterpretation. Recreation.


Restoring the original with an upgrade

and a new purpose.


Mixing styles, eras, cultures and materials, 

creating a space with dynamism,

depth, and flavours are the principles

that define our designs.


We fuse different cultures and aesthetics: 

the flavours and colours from the South, 
the taste and the shapes of the West,
the mindset and traditions of the North,
the textures and craftsmanship of the East.

Forms and structures of present, past and future for creating interiors that speak peace, vibrance  and balanced environment 

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All designed furniture, lamps, textiles and objects are handcrafted in Europe and made to order in your preferred length, form and texture.
Internationally sourced antiques and Art works by request.


Shipment within Europe.



Interior design 
Project management 
Reforms and construction 
In-house design and production of furniture 
Curtains and upholstery 
Representation of design brands